1. Golden #Etinterbro Question to artist Danai Anesiadou,  by Angelo Plessas
Angelo Plessas: Do you have an after-effect or after-thought after the Eternal Internet Brotherhood?
Danai Anesiadou: We either go in front of our computer we go to our computer and have a thought or two then we text go and have a coffee gossip a little. Buy groceries come back home and don’t feel like cooking. Smoke a cigarette think of our usual problems or if we don’t think we are having any go to the Internet read the guardian gather problems get frustrated perhaps. Then if we feel we are engaged we gather them frustrations and link them to our own frustrations go back to the studio eating a snickers merging with what material all conceptual work we had Lala Lala Lala. Go back home and take a shower make yourself beautiful like you are a female character in a Jane Austen novel go to the ball with the renewed and pumped up excitement that you will meet the Prince talk to the curator hope to be inspired by the work although you are not planning to be because you have been disappointed so many times before or if you’re having a weak solar plexus combined with introspection and the willingness to be good u secretly hope the show will suck because envy is not part of your vocabulary. the opening the opening might also be the biennial, you have been traveling  for many hours u feel so international did you pay the ticket yourself. You meet your friends and eat Thai food because there is no good Thai in Athens  and have the same conversation that art fairs are the new biennials and continue talking about game of thrones instead of the expo. Shock shock I’m shocked he punched his eyes through his skull and I was alone to watch it. Who are those people making game of thrones. I want to meet them. Art fairs are no places for artists but filled with artworks so who is making all those artworks. Humans going on the Internet ordering wood reading books reading online magazines going to the opening breaking up with their girlfriends eating sneakers on trains having meetings with galleries dreaming of doing things different, I want to be on the beach right now Or having a solo show Lala Lala Lala.And then there is Angelos eternal Internet brotherhood or the red wedding of art which is absolutely non of the above.Siri my loyal transcribster does not register commas and question marks only fullstops. 3 months ago
  2. Mirroring Places, Priscilla Tea, painting and images, 2014 for #ETINTERBRO 4 months ago
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  9. Golden #Etinterbro Question to Che Zara Blomfield, curator and founder of Composing Rooms, by Angelo Plessas
Angelo Plessas: How the art of the future will look like?Che Zara Blomfield: I think about this in relation to the Duchamp and him proposing the Fountain to be exhibited. It put life into art, not just a depiction of life. Now life is more artistic, the developed world has cameras attached to their phones. 6 billion have access to mobile phones, about 90% of the worlds population. I think the blurring between whats art and what isn’t will continue, along with who sees it and how they perceive it. I hope art will continue to adapt to the mediums available. What it looks like won’t be important… but how it engages its audience.
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