PIGS, part 2, by Amalia Ulman, contribution for #ETINTERBRO
From 12th to 17th August 2012 - 24/7

PIGS (2012) analyses current Eurozone’s meltdown by taking an action in Greece, one of the most affected countries in the EU; contrasting its financial reality with its popularity a
 s a touristic destination, exploring daily attractions and the nightlife of party islands like Kos, Ios, Mykonos, Santorini and the symbolic violence/power enforced by visitors through tourism.

In a workshop format, adapted to the conditions of the Eternal Internet Brotherhood camp, taking place in Anafi (Cyclades - Greek Islands), Ulman introduces other participants into the craft making of thread bracelets, creating an arm band with the acronym PIGS, as a souvenir of the European Sovereign-debt Crisis.

PIGS is an acronym used to refer to the economies of Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain. The term has been used since at least the mid-1990s as an epithet referring to Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain noted for similar economic environments. The term became popularized by the wider media during the European sovereign debt crisis, alternatively used as a shortform for Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain. The term was denounced as pejorative by the Portuguese Finance Minister in 2008. Members of the international economic press continue to use the term.